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Engineered Inflatables

ILC Dover has designed and produced products for chemical and biological protection since the mid 1970's.


Homeland Security's review of the Resilient Tunnel Plug

"35,000 Gallons of Prevention: Containing a Tunnel Flood with an Inflatable Stopper"

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Resilient Tunnel Plug

Inflatable Radome

Inflatable Radome

Our innovative inflatable structures are designed to save space, withstand extreme conditions, and, in many cases, save lives. We look at each assignment as a welcomed challenge in combining top of the line engineering with science and creativity.

The materials we use are just as important as the design we create.
Our structures are inspired by anticipating potential danger and built to avert it.

Our engineered inflatables are relied upon by the military/Department of Defense and used on oil rigs, various marine floats and even in the subway system.

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The New York Times features the Tunnel Plug:

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