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Inflatable and Deployable Antennas

ILC Dover has developed and manufactured a variety of inflatable antenna structures for application in space. We have leveraged our experience in materials and structures design to advance inflatable antenna work that was conducted since the 1960’s. Our advancements in rigidizable materials and membrane joining techniques have enabled us to create high functioning antennas and structures from Ka-band reflectarrays to 300m long antenna support structures.

ILC has supported numerous studies of deployable space antennas through NASA JPL, DARPA and aerospace prime contractors. We have created partnerships with RF engineers to best apply the benefits of inflatable rigidizable structures to meet the packaging, deployment control and deployed shape accuracy of antenna systems.

ILC has proven systems & processes that ensure the level of quality, reliability & safety to meet all spaceflight requirements. We perform the design & systems engineering, manufacture and test on site or at remote locations. We apply our materials expertise in textiles, films, coatings and composites to produce robust low-cost designs.

Rigidizable Antenna

X-Band Relectarray

Ka-Band Reflectarray




Mesh Antenna

SIGINT Antenna


Large Antenna Studies

Smart Hexapod

Precipitation Radar