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Products and Services

ILC has a diverse range of Aerospace/Defense experience. For over 50 years we've been proud to be a big part of some of the world's most visible icons - Space Suits, Airships, Mars Landing Bags, and Soldier Gas Masks. More information on our aerospace and defense portfolio is provided below.

Our Aerospace/Defense Products

Space Suits
Since project Apollo, ILC has been the designer and producer of all the space suits for NASA. We continue to enthusiastically support NASA's international space station work and future space exploration initiatives.

 Lighter-Than-Air Structures
ILC is the world's leading producer of modern aerostat and airship envelopes.

PPE - Personal Protection Equipment
ILC Dover has designed and produced products for chemical and biological protection since the mid 1970's. Our powered air systems deliver superior protection and comfort for a wide range of applications.

Engineered Inflatables
From inflatable wings for UAV's to high speed munition decelerators, ILC has broad-based experience in a wide range of engineered inflatable products.



Pharm / Biopharm
ILC Dover's flexible containment products are the ideal solution for containing active pharmaceutical powders when you're looking for:
  • Reliable validated containment (nanogram levels)
  • Quick solutions to your containment needs
  • Retrofit containment within an existing facility
  • Adaptable solutions that can transition from pilot plant through production



Industrial Containment
Do you have a process that needs containment?  We'll collaborate with your team to come up with the most effective containment approach for your application.  We specialize in custom solutions.

  • NanoTechnology Engineering Controls
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Electronic material manufacturing
  • Rare earth material processing
  • Food processing facilities
  • Dry ink manufacturing

Space Inflatables
Space structures achieve significant system mass savings and benefit from compact packaging by using softgood construction. From extremely large structures to small spacecraft, ILC is the worlds leader for space inflatable solutions.

Specialty Materials Group
ILC Dover is pleased to offer State-of-the-art development capabilities for toll R&D of Specialty Materials. The range of contact R&D services bringing together important aspects of Structure-Property-Processing relationship for materials development.