Avail Single Glovebags

The traditional glovebag for repair and maintenance activities or “wrap-and-cut” removal projects. Smart design details such as quick attach collars,  fiberguard glovesleeves and arm openings placed so the weight of debris does not rest on the worker make these bags the number one choice of abatement professionals.

Complete Avial Brochure

Complete Avial Glovebag Directional Brochure


The basic Avail glovebag for small-scale jobs or simple repair and maintenance tasks or “wrap and cut” projects on pipe up to 8” in diameter.

Part number: 011446016



The 5460 Avail glovebag provides about 10” more horizontal work area than the 4460 and is designed for work on pipes up to 10” in diameter.

Part number: 012546016



The Avail 6072 is designed for use on pipes up to 14” in diameter.

Part number: 012607216



This glovebag is for use on pipe up to 18” in diameter and incorporates two arm sets per chamber that allow work from either side of the pipe allowing access to difficult to reach areas.

Part number: 012668426



The M6 dimensions are 22 inches by 60 inches with a 18 inch deep pre-cut opening at the top with collars to accommodate pipe diameters up to 6 inches and provide a horizontal work area of 12 inches. The glovesleeves are set opposing each other on the bag. The worker can easily manipulate tools inside the bag with both hands, and perform maintenance and repair activities with ease. The M6 glovebags are packaged 40 per case.

Part number: 011616



This super sized model is for 30” diameter pipes, valves or unique situations where smaller, standard bags just don't fit the task.

Part number: 0127212026