Container Liners for Dry Products

Guardian Form-Fit liners are designed to custom fit rigid and flexible intermediate bulk containers and provide several processing, handling, space utilization and shipping advantages.

Guardian Form-Fit liners:

  • Fill and dispense more quickly with less labor.
  • Fill and dispense more completely because there are no folds or pleats to trap material.
  • Eliminate production problems due to liner material dispensing from FIBCs with the product into processing equipment.
  • Reduce freight and warehousing costs by using space more efficiently.
  • Reduce or eliminate container cleaning costs
  • Reduce waste disposal costs as form fit liners require less material than comparable liners
  • Improve the appearance of your product by providing a consistently square and uniform package.
  • Improves safety by providing a stable, stackable package.
  • Are manufactured from a wide variety of films to suit your specific needs.

We stock several different film structures to address various performance needs; moisture or oxygen barrier, ultraviolet radiation inhibition, toughness and durability, anti static properties, softness and pliability, recyclability, biodegradability, economy, clarity or aesthetics.

For handling dry bulk materials, Grayling designs and produces: foil laminated form fit liners, clean room produced form fit liners, baffled form fit liners, round bottom drum liners and other specialized products designed for industrial packaging.