D-Con Disposable Shower Enclosures

Grayling's D-Con is a low-cost, sturdy and disposable decontamination shower solution for asbestos abatement projects.

D-Con eliminates the hassle and cost of constructing a temporary decontamination facility on site. The D-Con sets up quickly and easily reducing labor cost. It is the first all poly constructed unit, which means it can withstand the daily rigors of abatement projects without losing any structural integrity. All D-Con units are made from two layers of 6-mil poly and have double-flap ingress/egress doorways.

The D-Con is available in several different configurations, from a basic two room kit that is used with traditional aluminum “pop-up” showers, to an extra large, fire retardant 3-stage unit that meets the NY city code for disposable shower enclosures.  Each 3-stage configuration is also available in fire retardant polyethylene construction. Support poles, drain water pick-ups and shower nozzle hardware are reusable and available separately.


1001005 D-Con 3 – The most popular 3 stage decon system in the industry.Enclosure dimensions: 37” X 37” X 77” 2ply, 6mil (Also available in fire retardant film 1001006)

1001008 D-Con 3 4X4 – 16sq’ per enclosure meets NYC requirements. Enclosure dimensions: 48”X48”X81” 3ply, 6mil (Only available in fire retardant film)

1002002 D-Con Blue – economy 3 stage system. Enclosure dimensions: 37”X37”X77” 2ply, 6mil (Also available in fire retardant film 1002003)

1002009 D-Con 2 – Designed for use with “pop-up” shower. Two enclosures (clean room/dirty room). Dimensions: 37”X37”X81” 2ply, 6mil 

Support poles are available in sets of 12 poles in the 77” length (required for the 3 stage enclosures) and in sets of 4 of the 81” length (one set required for each 81” tall enclosure)

1004001 - 77" Pole Set (12 per case)

1004002 - 81" Pole set (4 per case)

Shower head and hardware consists of a directable head with hot/cold flow control and attachment ties.

1005001 - Shower head assembly

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