Form Fit IBC Liners for Liquids

Guardian Form Fit liners for liquid bulk materials in IBCs, corrugated boxes, bins and totes improves package performance and protects from contamination and leakage during processing, storage and transportation.

The form fit liner is designed to closely match the interior dimensions of the IBC without creating any folds, creases or gussets to trap material during filling or dispense. The form fit liner allows for a consistent and complete fill without monitoring which reduces labor costs. The form fit liner typically requires less polyethylene material to manufacture than a similar capacity pillow style liner thereby reducing waste and conserving resources.

The form fit design allows for a consistently complete fill and dispense of products because the liner has no pleats, folds or other traps to hinder material flow. The liner also allows the outer container to be reused instantly and eliminates the need for costly cleaning operations.

Form fit liners are available in foot print sizes from 37” square up to 47” square and in rectangular footprints of 37” X 43”, 39” X 44”, 41” X 44” and 43” X 48” . The height of the liner can generally be up to 94” tall. Fill and dispense fitments or valves are available in diameters of 28mm or 38mm and in various 2” and 3” styles.