Since the 1970's, we've established a prominent presence in the skies with our Lighter-Than-Air structures. Our client base ranges from commercial companies for passenger and advertising airships to major aerospace prime contractors for surveillance (ISR) and heavy lift operations. We develop and manufacture the softgoods structures for aerostats, airships, blimps, engineered balloons and numerous other Lighter-Than-Air vehicles. ILC is the world's largest producer of Modern aerostat and airship envelopes.

ILC’s key contributions to our LTA customers include:

  • Partnering to fully understand your needs and developing systems to achieve your requirements
  • Design, structural analysis and patterning
  • Advanced materials development including customizing textiles, films and laminates for your specific application
  • Detailed inspection and advanced testing of all materials
  • Envelope fabrication using advanced heat sealing, sewing and adhesive bonding
  • In-field services, testing and support

Experience Counts

We’ve produced nearly 300 state of the art envelopes in a vast array of configurations. Each ship has miles of highly reliable seams assembled on-site at ILC.