JetProcess Equipment

Jet Large Scale Mixing Solution:

from powder with clumps to fresh media and buffers

Proven to rapidly de-clump powders and rapidly mix them, up to 1,250 kilograms per hour

  1. JetTipper ergonomically lifts drums of powder and pours it
  2. JetBreaker removes tough lumps to ensure even mixing
  3. JetMixer uses patented Venturi system to rapidly mix powder and water
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Semi-automated solution for making media and buffer at large scale
Rapid powder handling and mixing
Ergonomic solution reduces strain on users
Very low energy consumption
Eliminates clumping and makes mixing easy

Drum Transfer System

The Drum Transfer System is one of the most convenient solutions to handle drums containing pharmaceutical ingredients.

  • We remove potential contamination risks by removing the drum’s lid after docking
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Avoid cross contamination and cleaning costs of rigid hardware
  • Can be contained with our flexible solutions to achieve OEB5 with nanogram results

Jet Breaker

Removes clumps before they become a problem

  • Reduces the powder blocks to particles smaller than 10 mm
  • High de-agglomeration efficiency
  • Optimizes dissolution in subsequent steps
  • GMP execution with CIP option
  • Can be used when high containment is needed OEB5

Jet Mixer

ILC Dover’s PST Large Jet Injector takes advantage of vacuum created by a patented venturi configuration to draw powder into the mixing chamber, particle-by-particle.

  • Efficient powder into liquid mixing and transfer to a process tank
  • Virtually no shear forces exerted on the powder, with no product heating, so the powder’s properties are preserved
  • Prevents bridging and improves mixing
  • Efficient powder delivery at viscosities from 1cP to 10,000cP
  • Rapid mixing and complete dissolution of powder, without clumping
  • cGMP design proven for CIP capability including validation through coverage testing
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Single-use powder handling to reduce contamination

  • Designed by our experts to make powder handling easy and safe
  • Rapid filling and adjustment of weight allow for precision
  • Separate discharge outlet and antistatic polymer material allow faster, cleaner discharge
  • Protective skirt eliminates contamination of the support stand and bag exterior, drastically reducing clean-up requirements
  • 1-150L capacity
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