ILC Dover Celebrates 70 Years of Innovation

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Frederica, DE

The employees at ILC Dover are proud to be part of the innovation culture in Delaware (Governor John Carney published an op-ed in Sunday’s News Journal).  This year is our 70th year of innovating products for customers across many industries. We are meeting the needs of our customers, often in the harshest environments or life critical situations. Our employees are proud to be the provider of space suit technologies to NASA since the first Apollo mission and today we continue to innovate technology used by NASA supporting current missions and their future vision.

From our humble beginnings, as International Latex Corporation, innovation and dedicated employees have enabled us to become a leading supplier of world class products to the US and International governments as well as major industrial companies around the world.  In addition to a strong position with NASA, today we are providing many innovative, “first to world” solutions for customers in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics and Chemical markets as well as our most recent inventions being used to help protect cities and businesses around the world from the devastating impact of flooding events. During our first 70 years of innovation, Delaware has been a great partner and we look forward to our next 70 years of innovation and discovery as part of Delaware’s rich business history.