New Biopharmaceutical Institute Coming to Newark, Delaware

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

As a leader in single use biotech, ILC Dover is excited to be a part of that a new institute to advance U.S. leadership in pharmaceutical manufacturing with a total investment of $250 million is coming to the campus of the University of Delaware.  As part of the proposal team we are delighted to have contributed to this great new opportunity for Delaware and the United States.

The Department of Commerce is contributing $70 million with other partners having matched more that $140 million.  Grants will be given out over five years.  This is the largest single grant the university has ever received.

Biopharmaceuticals are medicines made by living cells rather than by traditional synthetic chemistry.  They include antibodies, vaccines, hormones, and new cell and gene therapies.  Some of the top indications are for reducing inflammation and combating cancer.

Making biologics is a complicated process of growing cells and then isolating the final product.  Finding ways to improve and simplify this process could go a long way to making sure medicine becomes more affordable and enable better patient access.

The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL) was part of an initiative created by President Barack Obama’s administration to make the U.S. the worldwide leader in high-tech manufacturing.  It is the eleventh manufacturing hub created through the Manufacturing USA Institute.

The NIIMBL application was selected out of nearly two dozen proposals.  It was chosen because of the large number and high quality of the partners brought to the table.

David Cadogan, Director of Product Development from ILC Dover says this “provides us a charter to improve biologics processing  equipment in support of finding improved medical treatments, creating greater process safety, and to help reduce health care costs.  This will make Delaware a hub of bio-manufacturing, bringing together academic, and private investment to accelerate innovation.”

“With this facility we will be able to work on the next generation of single use containers with revolutionary technologies such as embedded sensor networks to monitor and improve processes.”

The institute will focus on bringing new drugs to market safely and rapidly.  The team are also tasked with modernizing regulation in the fast-moving industry by designing best practices and working with regulatory agencies.

This program, with the help of companies like ILC Dover, will enhance the drug making by improving process consistency.  Long term this will lead to new technologies, delivery systems, and medicines that will enable reduced costs.

An added benefit will be many new, well-paying jobs in the region.  Presently there are more jobs in the BioPharma industry than there are qualified workers.  The institute will provide workforce and student training for everyone from operators to post-docs.  In addition, there will be teacher training, internships, and science programs for K-12 schools.

The idea behind NIIMBL is not to just invent the next new technology, but also to make sure those jobs stay in the US by strengthening our manufacturing capabilities in the United States.

About ILC Dover

ILC Dover is a world leader in the innovative design and production of engineered products employing high-performance flexible materials. Since 1947, ILC has provided engineered solutions to complex customer problems. Known for its production of space suits for NASA, the company leverages its vast materials, engineering, process, and design experience to create high performance systems for a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, infrastructure flood protection, inflatable airships, and aeronautical and deep space systems.  ILC Dover’s pharmaceutical division specializes in protecting workers and the medicines they are making using flexible single use containers to minimize contamination concerns.

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