SCape® Escape Respirators

SCape escape respirator is easy to use and provides superior protection

Escape with Confidence:  Better Protection at a Lower Cost

With hundreds of thousands of units sold around the world, the SCape® series of powered escape respirators can be counted on to deliver the ultimate in escape hood protection.

Whether protecting high level diplomats across the world or industrial workers escape a chemical release, the SCape® platform is ideally suited to the task.  ILC Dover PPE products are available for purchase on our GSA schedule: GS-07F-342AA.

The SCape® respirator provides better escape protection at a lower program cost than bottle based alternatives. Its patented, instant-on powered ventilation system allows your employees to escape a plant chemical incident with confidence.  Take a look at this rescue training operation video as featured on CBS This Morning.

ILC Dover's SCape® provides:

  • Better Protection - Broad chemical protection for 30 minutes vs. 5 minutes protection from bottle based systems.
  • Lower Program Cost - With no yearly maintenance inspections or 5 year hydrostatic testing SCape® saves your company money.


SCape® CO/CBRN Escape Respirator
SCape® CBRN 30
SCape® CO/CBRN Escape Respirator

In the event of a chemical spill or fire there is no time for confusion. Provide your employees with trusted, proven protection that will allow them to quickly exit a dangerous situation.

Like all SCape® escape respirators, the CO/CBRN version delivers clean filtered air via a powered ventilation system.  This assures the wearer of both superior protection as well as increased comfort and reduced physiological stress.  The blower/filter system does all the work for you.  Simply put on the hood and leave the contaminated area.

The SCape® CO/CBRN provides protection against a broad range of threat including a wide range of industrial chemicals, warfare agents, biological particulate threats and carbon monoxide and other toxic fire gases.  It is the only NIOSH approved CBRN Air Purifying Escape Respirator with carbon monoxide protection.

The SCape CO/CBRN 30 offers the following benefits over bottle based systems:

  • Lower initial acquisition cost
  • No annual maintenance
  • Longer duration - 30 minutes vs. 5 minutes
  • Lighter weight


Watch the video on the sidebar to see how easy the product is to use.





SCape® CBRN 30

SCape® CBRN30 NIOSH Approved APER - Powered Ventilation Respirator

Tested by NIOSH and Edgewood Chemical and Biological Command, the SCape® CBRN30 hood represents the ultimate in escape mask protection.  With its integral blower and filter unit the product does all the work for you.  Simply remove it from the package and put it on your head.  Your now ready to leave the area with the confidence that you'll be protected against a very broad range of CBRN threats.

This escape respirator gives a new meaning to the word "user friendly". Traditional gas masks employ face seals to protect the wearer, require multiple sizes to fit the wearer population, require extensive training, and are ineffective for people with beards and eye glasses. The SCape® CBRN30 system technology eliminates all of these issues.

  • NIOSH approved - TC-14G-0277
  • Minimal Training Required
  • Simply Open and Put It On
  • Instant-on Blower
  • Visually Clear Hood
  • Made in USA

SCape® CBRN30 Applications

  • Industrial plant workers
    • Plant
    • Control Room
    • Administrative Offices
  • State and Local Governments
  • Homeland Security Personnel
  • Military Dependents
  • Private Citizens
  • Transit Workers