Rigid Round Bottom Drum Liners

Guardian Rigid Round Bottom Drum liners are "form fit" to the interior dimensions of 55 gallon drums. These heavy gauge polyethylene liners are tough and abrasion resistant to extend the life of your drums and reduce or eliminate cleaning costs. 

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The snap-fit lip design fits tightly and securely to the lip of the drum eliminating any leakage between the liner and the drum and forming a gasket seal between the drum and drum lid. They are easy to install and remove and they are recyclable or disposable. This drum liner design is ideal for mixing or pumping applications.

  • The Guardian Form-Fit Rigid Round Bottom Drum Liners are designed to precisely fit to the drum’s interior dimensions eliminating folds and pleats that can trap product.
  • The form-fit design allows for complete product evacuation and eliminates the need for drum cleaning or reconditioning.
  • This liner is perfectly suited for in-plant mixing operations and the follower plate dispensing process.
  • The molded top rim securely positions the liner and holds the liner in place during filling


Part Number           Description                                        Gauge            Case Qty 
920910                  55 gallon rigid drum liner insert          10mil PE          25 / case