[Whitepaper] Development of a Disposable Grade-A Aseptic Fill/Finish Isolation System

Isolation of aseptic processes is not a new technology. Rigid stainless-steel isolators have been available for decades, and flexible film isolation has been used in aseptic processing since the 1970s. Still, these systems tended to be a composite of stainless-steel chambers and airflow modules with a flexible film user interface.

Solo Containment (now part of ILC Dover) built a flexible system for aseptic containment with lower cost, faster delivery, and reduced cleaning validation. While design characteristics may be identical to rigid stainless-steel isolators, flexible film aseptic isolators offer several advantages for careful consideration.

Learn more about aseptic containment in our most recent Whitepaper that walks through the process, from concept-to-development, for creating a fully disposable aseptic isolation system.

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