ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020
ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020

Active Ventilation for an Enclosure

Automated air controls for containment that protect people and the environment from exposure.  Provides an added layer of safety when dealing with highly potent or dangerous materials.

  • Automated Safety – easy and confident handling of expensive and dangerous powders. It detects even the most minute pressure change, immediately adjusting the gradient back to the set point. This means the product will remain contained, with no manual adjustments of the vent speed. Operator distraction is no longer your biggest worry.
  • Optimum enclosure operation – units can introduce and maintain supply gas or compressed air at a set point of -15 Pa, so enclosures remain ergonomic and easy to work with. Competitors’ exhaust-only systems can create uneven or unsustainable pressures of -25 Pa to -50 Pa.
  • Automatic N2 Inerting – can be used with N2 for compounds that are oxygen sensitive or explosive. It can use fresh N2 or recirculate it to save costs.  This also can control humidity and reduce the chance of explosions.

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  • Features and Benefits

    Handling today’s higher-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) presents ever-increasing regulatory concerns — especially within manufacturing-area isolators and lab areas, and for flexible GMP chambers where air flow, temperature, humidity and pressure differentials exist from room to room.

    Jet Vent system’s precise fan speed deliver accurately controlled negative air pressure to ensure proper flow into flexible wall isolators, while reducing the risk of worker exposure. Jet Vent ventilation systems can also deliver positive air pressure for applications requiring sterility, as well as facilitate relative-humidity control when containment is not necessary.

    Jet Vent systems can operate adjacent to the contained compartment or in a separate room, and the fan is rated at 250 m³/h —a much higher fan capacity than many competitors’ systems.

  • Applications

    • Automated operator safety
    • Automatic N2 Inerting
    • Disposable clean room like environment
  • Accessories

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