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Multiple O-ring Canisters for contained transfer or powder

ILC Dover patented the use of Multiple O-ring Canisters to enable high containment connections for API powder handling systems.  The system of progressively advancing to a new clean zone on a canister allows multiple powder transfers without breaking containment.

The Multiple O-ring Canister is a key component to the ILC Dover high containment family of products that includes the following compatible items:

  • DoverPac® Containment Systems for charging, transporting, and discharging API powders
  • Continuous Liner system made of ArmorFlex® film
  • Bag In/ Bag out sleeves made of ArmorFlex® film
  • Drum Sleeves made of ArmorFlex® film

  • Features and Benefits

    • Demonstrated nanogram containment performance during powder transfer operations
    • Canisters are fabricated from 316L stainless steel
    • Saves time by allowing multiple powder transfer operations without breaking containment or having to wash the components.
  • Applications

    • ILC Dover’s Multiple O-ring Canisters to enable high containment connections for discharging, transporting, and charging of potent compound powders throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.
    • Connections from vessels for charging or discharging powder under containment.
    • Connection to Flexible Enclosures used to contain Weigh and Dispense operations, subdividing of powder, or transfer of powder from Drums.
  • Accessories

    Other system components and accessories developed by ILC Dover to support contained pharmaceutical ingredient processing include:

    Flex-Loc Clamp

    Continuous Liner system

    Flexible Enclosures and Isolators

  • Ordering information

    Part numbers and sizes

    HW10393 – 12” BIBO canister kit

    HW10397 – 8” canister kit

    Additional parts available.

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