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Charge Bags

Single Use Powder containment with one opening replacing rigid poly bottle for split butterfly valve applications. 

  • Features and Benefits

    • DoverPac® SF offers: Better than 99.5% product recovery
    • Static free charging and offloading applications
    • Requires less storage space thanpolybottles
    • No cleaning validation required
    • Array of Flange Sizes – Discharge flanges sizes from 1.5” to 8” to match a variety of process vessels
    • Complete Discharge -Armorflex® 114 film with a permanent antistatic allows for a 99.9% product recovery
    • No Rinse – No need to wash down due to anti-static surface
    • Regulatory Friendly -Armorflex® 114 film is used by most major pharmaceuticals and meets all regulatory compliance standards
  • Applications

    • Media and buffer prep Dry Powder 
    • Media 
    • Buffer salts 
    • Excipients 
    • Filter aids 
    • High value drug substance 
    • Powder storage 
    • Powder transfer 
    • cGMP Processing 
  • Technical Specifications

    • 10 & 25 Liter volumes 
    • Removable/Reusable Restraint 
    • 5 thru 100 liter volumes 
  • Accessories

    Removable/Reusable Restraint 

  • Quality standards

    Certified quality for GMP and peace of mind.  Made in a class 7 environment.  EZ BioPac’s ArmorFlex film meets FDA and 2002/72/EC requirements and EP 3.1.3 test conditions. In addition, it complies with FDA 21 CFR and passes USP <661> Physiochemical Tests for Plastics, USP <88> Class VI (7-day implant), USP <87> biological reactivity (in vitro) and Chilworth incendivity tests. Its permanent anti-stat has a 5-year shelf life and replaces migrating additives. EZ BioPac® is also tested for solvent resistance and a DMF has been fi led with FDA.

    Can be gamma irradiated if requested. 

Ordering Information

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