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Continuous Liners

The ILC Dover Continuous Liner is an easy-to-use system that has been proven effective in containing active pharmaceutical ingredients and other hazardous compounds.  Its use assures a safe and effective transfer of powders, tablets, vials, tools, and trash.  The Continuous Liner System is also used for offloading powders from vessels to drums. 

  • Features and Benefits

    • Continuous liners are offered in cost effective lengths up to 150’
    • Continuous liner design eliminates cross contamination of powders, protecting the person, plant, and product.
    • Long lengths of pre-packaged liners reduce operator labor, allowing your operators to process powders, instead of shuffling film onto a discharge nozzle.
    • Multiple interfaces to process equipment attaching directly to existing hardware, including down-flow booths or isolators to enhance protection levels.
  • Applications

    This product is also used in Bag In/Bag Out processes with rigid isolators and flexible enclosures. 

    Used for drums, Bag In/Bag Out operations, and processing tablets this system typically interfaces with an 8″ or 12” outlet canister. Transitions can be made to smaller interfaces as needed depending on the process. 

    • Product offloading from sifters, mills, blenders, centrifuges, dryers and other process equipment. 
    • Tablet offloading 
    • Bag-in/Bag-out 
  • Technical Specifications

    ArmorFlex® AF114 or AF110 films 

    These films pass incendivity testing and are designed and manufactured using FDA & EU compliant materials.

    14” and 23” diameters 

    Lengths 30’, 100’, 150’ 

    While specific powders react differently due to their particle size, customer testing has shown that these systems are capable of providing containment levels to below 1 µg/m3 in applications around the world. 

  • Accessories

    CrimpLoc™ system – Blue 23” 

    CrimpLoc™ system – red 14” 


    Crimp removal tool 

    FlexLoc clamp – 8” or 12” 

    Multi O-ring canisters 

    Band clamps  – 8” or 12” 

  • Part Numbers

    CL4030 – Continuous Liner, 14″, 30′ Length, AF114 

    CL8030 – Continuous Liner, 14″, 30′ Length, AF110 

    CL4004 – Continuous Liner, 23″ Dia., 50′, AF114 

    CL4008 – Continuous Liner, 23″ Dia., 150′, AF114 

    CL8010 – Continuous Liner, 23″ Dia., 100′, AF110 

    CL8008 – Continuous Liner, 23” Dia., 150′, AF110 

Ordering Information

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