CrimpLoc System Fasteners and Tools


The CrimpLoc™ System is a complete kit to provide the secure closure for ArmorFlex® film packages. 

ILC Dover pioneered flexible containment for the pharmaceutical industry and continues to innovate processes for better performance. We invented the first crimping system to provide high containment, secure closure, and easy one piece crimp removal without any breaking or risk of plastic shards. 

The CrimpLoc™ System is designed for use with DoverPac® containers, Continuous Liners, and other ArmorFlex® film solutions. 

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  • Features and Benefits

    • One Tool for all Crimp Sizes
    • Light weight, ergonomic tool
    • FDA Approved Materials for Crimps
    • No Plastic Shards from Separation Cut or Crimp Removal
    • Secure closure for high containment levels
  • Applications

    Closure of 23”, 14”, and 4” diameter sleeves of ArmorFlex® film. 

    Used with DoverPac® powder containment and transport systems, Bag In/Bag Out sleeves on flexible isolators, and continuous liners for discharging powder from vessels into drums. 

  • Technical Specifications

    ILC Dover’s Nylon crimps are formulated with FDA compliant raw materials and contain no ingredients of animal origin. 

  • Accessories

    Blue crimps for 23” diameter ArmorFlex® film 

    Red Crimps for 14” diameter ArmorFlex® film 

    Yellow Crimps for 4” diameter ArmorFlex® film 

    CrimpLoc™ system – Blue 23” 

    CrimpLoc™ system – red 14” 

    Crimp removal tool 

  • Part Numbers

    • HW10066 – CrimpLoc™ system – Blue 23” 
    • HW10065 – CrimpLoc™ system – Red 14” 
    • HW10067 – CrimpLoc™ system – Yellow 4” 
    • HW6085 – Box of 100 crimps -Blue 23” 
    • HW6084 – Box of 100 crimps -Red 14” 
    • HW6127 – Box of 100 crimps -Yellow 4” 
    • HW10740 – CrimpLoc™ tool only for Blue crimps 
    • HW10741 – CrimpLoc™ tool only for Red/Yellow crimps  
    • HW10068 – Crimp head for Red & Yellow crimps 
    • HW10069 – Crimp head for Blue crimps 
    • HW6636 – Crimp removal tool 

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