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D-Con Showers

Low-cost, sturdy and disposable decontamination shower solution for asbestos abatement projects.

  • Eliminates the hassle and cost of constructing a temporary decontamination facility on site
  • Reduces labor cost through quick and easy setup
  • First all poly constructed unit, which means it can withstand the daily rigors of abatement projects without losing any structural integrity
  • Made from two layers of 6-mil poly and have double-flap ingress/egress doorways
  • Available in several different configurations
  • Fire retardant 3-stage unit that meets the NY city code for disposable shower enclosures
  • Meets OSHA guidelines for decontamination facilities

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    • D-Con 3: The most popular 3 stage decon system in the asbestos abatement industry (1001005).
          • Enclosure dimensions: 37” X 37” X 77” 2ply, 6mil (Also available in fire retardant film 1001006)
          • Includes a shower “stand-off” pallet and access ports for easy insertion of water supply and discharge lines.
    • D-Con Blue: The economy 3 stage system is the D-Con Blue (1002002). The Blue is similar to the D-Con 3 but without the extra features.
          • Enclosure dimensions: 37”X37”X77” 2ply, 6mil (Also available in fire retardant film 1002003)
    • D-Con 2: Designed for use with “pop-up” shower. Two enclosures (clean room/dirty room). Dimensions: 37”X37”X81” 2ply, 6mil
      • Support poles are available in sets of 12 poles in the 77” length (required for the 3 stage enclosures) and in sets of 4 of the 81” length (one set required for each 81” tall enclosure)
    • D-Con 3 4X4:  Our extra-large decon shower configuration. At 16sq’ per enclosure, this decon meets NYC requirements for asbestos abatement decon enclosures
            • Enclosure dimensions: 48”X48”X81” 3ply, 6mil (Only available in fire retardant film)

    • 1004001– 77″ Pole Set (12 per case) For use with the D-Con 3 and D-Con Blue
    • 1004002— 81″ Pole set (4 per case) For use with the D-Con 2 and D-Con 4X4
    • 1005001— Shower head assembly
      • Shower head and hardware consists of a directable head with hot/cold flow control and attachment ties.

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