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Drum Transfer

Flexible Containment for offloading drummed materials in a safe and efficient manner is provided by the Drum Transfer System (DTS) platform.The DTS consists of an enclosure attachment frame, a support stand, a drum lifter, an enclosure, an outer drum sleeve, and discharge softgoods that are dependent upon your process equipment. Contact us to learn more. 

Another proven method for cGMP processing is also available now using drums, a conical drum funnel and drum lifts. What makes this a viable approach is the use of ILC’s disposable Conical Transfer Sleeve. This system interfaces with standard process equipment and vessels to achieve a clean transfer of a variety of powders. 

The liner is attached to the drum after removal of the lid and opening the inner drum liner. The stainless steel cone on the lifter is then positioned over the drum and the liner is pulled through the cone and held in position with a clamp on the cone. After inverting the drum, the Drum Transfer Liner is attached to the vessel nozzle. The clamp can then be opened allowing gravity feed of the powder into the vessel for processing. 

  • Features and Benefits

    • High containment for HP API powders 
    • Clear, strong, rugged ArmorFlex® film 
    • FDA compliant film 
    • Chilworth tested-passes incendivity testing 
  • Applications

    • Milling 
    • Subdividing 
    • Repackaging 
    • Charging to Vessels 
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