ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020
ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020


Tray Dryers are a common method of drying wetcakes and granulated drug products. This is especially true in the early product development phase. The issue of containment for this type of process equipment is unique in that open scooping of powder onto multiple trays that get slotted into the dryer one at a time prohibits a mass, single transfer as with charging a vessel through a nozzle.

There are many styles of Tray Dryers on the market and a large installed base of systems that drive the Engineering Control here to a custom design. However, containment is accomplished with a standard set of interface and design techniques. The various styles of dryers, interfaces, door types, volumes, ergonomics, and life cycle costs must all be taken into account in order to meet the need of containing the dryer.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Clear film allos use of existing light from the process area
    • Bungee cords and HEPA filters allow the enclosure to move with the operator
    • Static dissipative film supports ATEX and EX operations
    • Re-usable for repeated processing of same drup product
    • Portable or permanent installations supported
    • Customized to specific process and equipment without change to drug product drying process
    • Ergonomics maximized for visibility, operator height and reach
    • No cross contamination transfer to other parts of the plant
    • Low capital, depreciation and operating costs maximizes true cost of ownership
    • Speed of implementation supports lab and production processes in any part of the plant
    • Reduced cleaning and cleaning validation
    • Product can be transferred between operations without breaking containment
    • No change in validation
  • Applications

    Portable and permanently installed Tray Dryers have been fitted with this type of flexible containment technology

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