ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020
ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020

Flex-Cover® Door

ILC Flex-Cover® Door is a high-strength flood barrier engineered to provide a flood barrier for single or double doors. It provides a watertight and impact resistant barrier by combining a structural frame, water barrier, and impact-resistant layers with advanced compression gaskets. Flex-Cover® Door can be stored near the point-of-use for deployment in minutes.

Product Use

Operation and Components

Flex-Cover® Door functions as a dry flood barrier installed at door and other building openings. Permanently installed wall anchors facilitate rapid deployment prior to a pending weather event. ILC Dover Flex-Cover® Door features:

  • Structural aluminum frame
  • Tensioned impact webbing
  • Fabric water barrier
  • Long-life compression gaskets
  • Bottom gasket protection in storage
  • Wall anchor kits

Professional surface preparation and permanent wall anchor installation recommended

Deployment Steps in Advance of Pending Weather Event

  • Retrieve Flex-Cover® Door and anchor bolts from storage
  • Set cover in place and disengage gasket protection device
  • Install clamping feature anchor bolts and compress bottom gasket
  • Tighten remaining anchor bolts to compress wall gasket


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Ordering Information

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