Eclipsing the traditional FIBC, the G2Pac™ containment system is engineered to address the issues that arise from uncontrolled processes, including compromised facility cleanliness, cross contamination risks and employee exposure to unnecessary hazards. G2Pac™ products by ILC Dover delivers cGMP operation with containment levels down to 100 ug/m3 on an 8-hour TWA. 

  • Features and Benefits

    Our proven powder containment products save our customers millions of dollars by streamlining the manufacturing process, protecting workers, ensuring quality, and helping get drugs to the market sooner.


    • Economical containment 
    • Supports dust-free operation 
    • Reduced cross contamination risks 
    • Protects operator 
    • One-person operation 


    • Durable ArmorFlex® film liner with groundable restraint 
    • Individual necks with bag-out sleeve to support charging and offloading operations 
    • 35″ cubed size 
    • Secure, dust-free hardware interface to process equipment 
    • Sized to interface with standard pallet 
    • Interfaces with ILC’s CrimpLoc™ System 
  • Applications

    Charging, Off loading, Discharging,  

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