In Process Isolator

Modular Isolators for quick delivery.

ILC Dover has been a pioneer in developing flexible isolators, (aka glove bags), for the pharmaceutical industry.  After 20 years of designing and building custom isolators for powder containment, our engineers have compiled and standardized isolator specifications, dimensions, configurations, and components that meet the vast majority of our customers’ needs.  All materials meet FDA standards and the design accommodates cGMP as well as operator ergonomics.  These standardized, modular designs allow quick delivery of isolators to handle many contained pharmaceutical powder handling processes. 

  • Features and Benefits

    • High containment flexible isolators for processing HP API powders 
    • Great visual clarity of ArmorFlex® films and bag-in bag-out sleeves
    • 304 stainless steel framework
    • Standard canisters
    • 3rd party validated nanogram containment levels using SMEPAC guidelines 
    • Ergonomics and range of motion are much better than with rigid isolators 
    • Economical 
    • Design makes use of existing ILC Dover containment accessories such as CrimpLoc® crimps, bag/out sleeves, and O-ring interface canisters 
    • The passive isolator can be upgraded to a fully automatic negative pressure isolator using the ILC Dover our JetVent system 
    • Fast turnaround & installation 
  • Applications

    In-Process isolator systems 

    Enclosing small, table top powder handling equipment such as mills, sieves, & blenders 

  • Technical Specifications

    Frames constructed of 304 stainless steel 

    All surfaces have a 2B finish 

    Product contact components constructed of 316 stainless steel 

    Flexible isolator made from ArmorFlex® 113 and ArmorFlex® 114 films 

    Canisters use ILC Dover patented multiple O-ring connectors 

  • Accessories

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