Space Suits – Launch and Entry Suits

  • Our first IVA space suit was the Apollo space suit which met IVA and EVA needs during all mission phases.
  • More recently, we have been designing and manufacturing next generation suits for NASA and commercial space exploration programs that protect the crew in Launch, Entry, and Abort (LEA) phases of flight with outstanding performance.
  • We provide the right pressure suit for each customer’s needs ranging from nominal launch and entry to protection from the elements after landing to protection during emergencies and, if required, contingency EVA.


    • Comfortable in any seated position
    • Breathable bladder
    • High visibility helmet
    • Incorporation of anti-microbial materials

    • Launching to Low Earth Orbit and beyond
    • Suborbital Exploration
    • Contingency EVA
  • Accessories

    • Heads-up Displays
    • Electronic Textiles

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