Space Suits – Low Earth Orbit and Deep Space Suits

  • ILC Dover began efforts to develop a dedicated zero gravity low earth orbit space suit in the early 1970s.
  • ILC continues to push the state of the art in zero gravity space suits with the recent development of the PXS prototype EVA space suit which is developed for International Space Station EVA, future deep space EVA, and Commercial LEO Space Stations.
  • The PXS suit incorporates a patented rear entry upper torso that allows for quick no-tools resizing providing improved fit and performance for all astronauts. The suit also includes a high visibility elliptical hemispherical helmet and many advanced materials.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Unique sizing system to provide the best fit for an astronaut
    • High visibility helmet system
    • Incorporation of anti-microbial materials
  • Applications

    • Building and Maintaining Space Stations in Low Earth Orbit and around the Moon and Mars
  • Accessories

    • Heads-up Displays
    • Self Healing bladder layer
    • Power assist mobility elements
    • Electronic Textiles

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