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Mastic Removers

Control Mastic Removers are specifically formulated to liquefy the toughest cured floor tile adhesives on asbestos abatement projects

  • Keep your workers and building occupants safe and comfortable
  • Control Mastic Removers deliver proven performance
  • Whatever your requirement; from balancing cost with solvency and flash point or low VOC, or low to no odor, there is a Control solvent for your application.
  • Control Green mastic remover is specially formulated to meet California’s strict VOC regulations (CARB compliant) and still deliver high solvency.
  • Control Low odor solvent is designed to ensure quick-action and easy clean-up
  • CCV-Low are a lower cost contractor grade mastic remover options.
  • Environmentally responsible water-based Control Carpet Adhesive Remover safely removes latex and acrylic carpet adhesives

Please see our Brochures and Spec Sheets along with Instructional Guides under Additional Documents below


    • Control CCV-Low Odor Mastic Remover — an economical, CARB compliant formulation designed to safety and efficiently remove asphaltic floor tile mastics.Part number #19295KB
      value = 34. No VOCs. 174°F Flash Point
    • Control Carpet Adhesive Remover — water based formulation designed for the safe, effective and environmentally responsible removal of most all latex and acrylic carpet adhesives.Part number: 19235
    • Control Green Mastic Remover — first mastic remover formulated to meet California’s strict new VOC regulations. This very low odor mastic remover also performs very well.No VOCs. 175° flash. KB value = 36.
      Part number:19205
    • Control low odor mastic remover — Our most popular solvent for dissolving tough asphaltic floor mastics. The low odor blend of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons with built-in penetrants and surfactants ensures quick-action and easy clean-up.141° flash. KB value = 47
      Part number: 19105

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