Space Suits – Planetary Exploration Suits

  • ILC Dover is the only company in history to develop a Planetary EVA suit that was used successfully on another planetary body; namely the Moon.
  • ILC’s Mark III Rear Entry space suit has been NASA’s work horse for planetary space suit testing since 1989.
  • ILC Dover’s patented mobility joint technology developed for the I-Suit was incorporated into the current state of the art Z-2 Exploration Space suit delivered to NASA in 2016.
  • Most recently we’ve developed NASA’s Z Series of space suits including the Z-1 and Z-2 suits. Both advanced prototypes are rear entry multi-bearing walking suits but differ primarily in that the Z-2 utilizes advanced carbon composites for the upper torso and brief elements and the Z-1 suit utilizes all soft fabric structures.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Unique sizing system to provide the best fit for an astronaut
    • High visibility helmet system
    • Incorporation of dust mitigation technologies
    • Incorporation of anti-microbial materials
  • Applications

    • Exploring the surface of the Moon and Mars
    • Building and Maintaining Space Stations

    • Heads-up Displays
    • Self Healing bladder layer
    • Power assist mobility elements
    • Electronic Textiles

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