ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020
ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020

Sentinel EZ BioHood™

Protective PAPR Hood for Healthcare Workers on the Frontlines

COVID-19 and other infectious diseases threaten the safety of heroic healthcare workers. The Sentinel EZ BioHood by ILC Dover offers 100x the protection of an N-95 mask, providing superior respiratory protection to healthcare workers on the frontline and enabling them to provide continued care to patients. The hood’s unique design makes it intuitive to use, easy to clean, store, and workers do not need to be fit-tested to wear it effectively.

Sentinel EZ BioHood™ offers 100x the protection of an N-95 mask, providing superior PPE and respiratory protection to healthcare workers on the frontlines. It has a breathable neck cuff, can be worn comfortably for long periods of time, and provides exceptional visibility, enabling healthcare workers to provide effective and continued care to patients.

Sentinel EZ BioHood is NIOSH approved (TC-21C-1130) as a loose-fitting hood designed to work with the ILC Dover Sentinel XL® blower system.

Superior Personal Protection Equipment

  • 1,000 APF* provides 100x the protection of an N-95

Easy to Clean

  • Unique barrier film construction makes it easier to clean than traditional head covers

No Fit-Testing Required for Wearers

  • Adjustable up to 5 sizes in 1 single-size product
  • Reduces logistic burden of carrying multiple sizes


  • Compact, lay flat design frees storage space by 50%

Comfortable to Wear for Long Operations

  • Breathable loose fitting neck cuff
  • Internal head band provides good stability
  • Provides ability to use stethoscope

Wide Range of View

  • Features a wraparound Clear Visor for superior visibility
  • Healthcare worker is clearly visible to the patient

*Based on manufacturer data

Donning Instruction Video

For complete product instructions refer to the NIOSH approved Sentinel XL® EZ BioHood™ PAPR System Model S-3050 User Instruction Manual

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ILC Dover Sentinel XL EZ BioHood Sell Sheet


    All Sentinel XT products are NIOSH approved.  NIOSH approvals


    Sentinel XT Blower

    TC-21C-0901 (S-3112 Clear Hood, HE filters)

    TC-21C-0902 (S-3113 Full Hood, HE filters)

    TC-23C-2742 (S-3112 Clear Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-2743 (S-3112 Full Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-2841 (S-3112 Clear Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

    TC-23C-2842 (S-3113 Full Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

    TC-21C-0992 (S-3324 Clear Plus Hood, HE filters)

    TC-23C-3241 (S-3324 Clear Plus Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-3242 (S-3112 Clear Plus Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))


    Sentinel XT/NI Blower (for use in hazardous locations – FM approved)

    TC-21C-0969 (S-3112 Clear Hood, HE filters)

    TC-21C-0970 (S-3113 Full Hood, HE filters)

    TC-23C-3093 (S-3112 Clear Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-3095 (S-3112 Full Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-3094 (S-3112 Clear Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

    TC-23C-3096 (S-3113 Full Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

    TC-21C-0991 (S-3324 Clear Plus Hood, HE filters)

    TC-23C-3239 (S-3324 Clear Plus Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-3240 (S-3112 Clear Plus Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

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  • FAQS

    What is a PAPR (powered air purifying respirator)?

    Powered air-purifying respirators, or PAPRs, use a blower to pull ambient air through air-purifying elements (filters) before the air is made available for breathing.

    Are there different types of PAPRs?

    Yes, PAPRs come in a variety of styles: half mask, full mask, full facepiece, and helmets/hoods. The Sentinel Clear® system features an advanced hood and a high-performance blower.

    What is the assigned protection factor (APF) of the Sentinel Clear® system?

    The Sentinel Clear® system with the Clear Hood provides an APF of 1,000.

    ILC Dover’s Sentinel Clear Hood, combined with its XT blower, is a best-in-class solution that delivers an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 1,000 while offering a full 320-degree field of view. It allows the wearer to have facial hair and it reduces feelings of claustrophobia because it doesn’t sit on the face.

    What makes the Sentinel Clear hood different from other hoods on the market?

    The Sentinel Clear hood offers an ultra-wide field of view and is unique in that it doesn’t require an internal suspension system (headband or rachet type). It’s supported by the positive pressure air delivered by the robust Sentinel XT PAPR blower.  This feature allows the wearer to freely move their head from side to side and up and down within the hood – without the discomfort of a headband or rachet pressing against their forehead.

    Does the Sentinel XT blower come in a configuration suitable for hazardous locations?

    Yes – the Sentinel XT/NI is certified by Factory Mutual/FM Global Group for service in Class I, II, III and Division 2, Group C, D, E, F, G hazardous locations

    Does ILC Dover provide on-site training for this product?

    Yes – training is included for all ILC Dover respiratory protective products.

    Is the Sentinel XT Powered air purifying respirator system and its accessories Latex free?

    Yes – all of ILC Dover’s powered air purifying respirator systems and accessories are Latex free.


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