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Tethered Aerostats

As ISR systems are becoming increasingly vital to national security, ILC Dover has developed aerostats for various ISR applications. ILC Dover has manufactured helium-filled aerostats to carry surveillance radars up to 15,000 feet altitude while tethered to the ground by a single tether. ILC aerostats have helium volumes from 56,000 to 595,000 cubic feet and range in length from 109 to 240 feet.  In addition, our airships have been used by the military to evaluate numerous surveillance payloads.

ILC Dover, which supported design of the initial Class IV aerostat for the U.S. Air Force, has manufactured all operational Class IV aerostats, which have r volumes of 275,000 to 420,000 cubic feet. The Class IV aerostat is able to withstand hurricane-force winds in excess of 90 MPH and is able to operate in winds exceeding 65 MPH.

We support a number of key aerostat programs for our customers.  Take a look at a few below:

US Customs and Border Patrol 420K Aerostat – Lajas, PR (video)

Lockheed Martin PTDS Aerostat (74,000 ft3 aerostats)

U.S Customs & Border Protection  420K Aerostat (Description)

Air and Marine Operations Tethered Aerostat Radar System (pdf)

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