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Xtrakt® LV


A new bulk liquid dispensing system designed for more efficient dispensing of low viscosity liquids from intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

  • Only form-fit liquid liner system that provides hands-free dispensing of low viscosity materials of up to 20,000 centipoise
  • Consistently reduces product residual by 35-75% over traditional form-fit liners or air-assist liners
  • The hands-free system requires no manipulation of the tote and liner, reducing labor associated with dispensing

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    Minimal operator intervention
    System operates hands-free, requiring no manipulation of the tote or liner.

    Reduced product residual
    Without liner manipulation, average residual loss per liner for a low viscosity shampoo from Xtrakt® LV is 1-4 kg vs. 5-8 kg from conventional liners and 4-6 kg from air-assist liners.

    Greater Worker Safety
    Because the system eliminates the need for worker intervention during discharge, the risk of any injury and worker’s compensation claims are reduced.

    Works with Existing Pumps
    System is designed to work with your current positive displacement diaphragm or piston pump.

    Improved Efficiency
    Operational disruptions caused from liners being pulled into the discharge port are prevented.

    Integrated System
    Consists of a specially designed form-fit liner and deployment cart. The cart is designed to be easily moved within the facility.


    Personal Care: Shampoo, Liquid Soap

    Food: Sauces, Flavorings, Dressings, Oils

    Chemical: Inks, Additives, Surfactants


    • Xtrakt® is recommended for extraction of fluids between 1 cps and 20,000 cps.
    • Requires a plant air source no less than 90 psig and no greater than 120 psig.
    • Compatible with “top fill”/bottom discharge operations
    • Compatible with rigid IBC totes
  • FAQ'S

    What is the air supply requirement?
    The system requires a minimum plant air source of 90 psi and a maximum of 120 psig.

    What type of liners may be used?
    Xtrakt® uses specially designed ILC Dover dual-wall liners that work with the system to extract the maximum amount of product.

    What is the range of viscosity?
    Xtrakt® extracts highly viscous fluids between 1 centipoise and 20,000 centipoise.

    How many people are required to operate the system? The Xtrakt® System only requires one operator and requires minimal operator intervention.

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