Transform Your Operations with ILC Dover’s Flexible Containment Isolators

ILC Dover is a leading provider of flexible isolators designed to keep processors and operations safe and efficient in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical space. Our unmatched line of containment isolators includes the soloPURE™ flexible aseptic isolator, soloFLEX benchtop containment isolator, and soloLAB pop-up benchtop isolator. Fill out the form below to access three brochures, one on each of these flexible isolators, and learn more about their purposes and advantages.

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The soloPURE™ flexible aseptic isolator is a cost-effective, closed-barrier system for sterile manufacturing that provides a closed Grade-A, aseptic environment for fill-finish activities requiring positive and negative pressures.


The soloFLEX benchtop containment isolator is a standard isolator system complete with 3x H14 HEPA filters, material entry airlock, and a continuous liner port. Replacement enclosure systems are supplied as a ready-to-assemble kit, and the entire system can be easily assembled in under 30 minutes.


The soloLAB pop-up benchtop isolator is the perfect solution for protecting operators from hazardous materials and creating inert gas environments at laboratory scale. With its instant “pop-up” deployment, soloLAB is compact, portable, and ready for use in just minutes.

Why Isolators from ILC Dover?

Ease of Use

Realize the advantages of turnkey solutions and short lead times.

Less Cleaning

Reduce comprehensive cleaning measures with contamination-free disposal.

Compact Designs

Maximize pharm and biopharma operations while saving lab space.

High Containment

Bags are available in capacities from 1-to-100 liters to suit full range of plant requirements

Fast Installation

Experience quick turnaround and installation times compared to rigid isolators.