Flood Protection

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Flood Protection

ILC Dover protects commercial buildings and infrastructures from floodwater and floating debris with dry flood protection solutions.

No matter the size of the building or infrastructure opening you want to protect, we have a solution that will meet your needs, buildings codes, and construction specifications. The frequency of floods and their risks are increasing, making it critical for those responsible to incorporate flood mitigation strategies into their building plans.

Why is Flood Protection Important to ILC Dover?


Flood Risks Are Increasing Nationwide

The number of major floods has doubled since 2004, and severe weather events, rising sea levels, climate change, and hurricanes put people and buildings at an increased risk of flood damage to critical infrastructure and assets. These events and risks will only continue.


You Need to Take Proactive Measures

Governments and businesses, including those responsible for cities, buildings, utilities, industrial operations, and transportation networks, need to proactively employ flood protection systems for their infrastructure and assets in advance.


Water and Floating Debris Pose Risks

Floating debris can be more threatening to people and buildings than water. Our lightweight and high-strength flexible flood protection systems combat this risk head-on, withstanding floating debris impact loads better than rigid systems.

Which Flood Protection Product Fits Your Needs?

Flex-Gate® products for large applications, gates & openings

Flood protection solutions are stored at the point-of-use, allowing for rapid deployment.

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Flex-Cover® products for doors & grates

Flood protection solutions stored near point-of-use for enhanced aesthetics.

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Why ILC Dover for Flood Protection?

Our FM-certified systems are manufactured with high-strength fabrics, making them lighter than rigid barrier systems and allowing them to be stored at or near the point-of-use for faster, last-minute deployment with minimal personnel. This not only results in an overall lower total cost of ownership but enables our systems to withstand hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, and floating debris impact loads better than rigid barrier systems, significantly reducing potential flood damage to buildings.

  • FM-Certified Products
  • High-Strength Materials
  • Lightweight Fabrics
  • Stored At or Near Point-of-Use
  • Faster, Last-Minute Deployment
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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