PPE Solutions by ILC Dover

World-Class Respiratory Protection in Pharma Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry is marked by complex regulations and an increased demand for quality and security. Bolstering and maintaining employee health and safety is paramount and greatly impacts overall productivity.


ILC Dover’s Sentinel Clear™ Hood, combined with its XE blower, is a best-in-class powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) that delivers a TH3 level of protection—the highest level available under EN 12941.

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About Sentinel Clear XE

Our Clear Hood solutions are superior to other PAPR facepieces and hoods. They offer a full 320-degree field of view, allow the wearer to have facial hair and/or a head covering, and reduce feelings of claustrophobia. When paired with our lithium polymer battery, the XE blower weighs just 1 kg and delivers 220 LPM airflow for 12 hours.

How It Works

Sentinel Clear XE delivers 220 LPM airflow within the hood and suit to improve body temperature control, reduce dehydration, and reduce worker fatigue caused by overheating. Additionally, eliminating unnecessary inner-support mechanisms helps reduce sweat, skin chafing, and irritation. The resulting extra room also permits the hood to accommodate safety glasses and hard hats.

Productivity Starts with Protection

ILC Dover maintains an uncompromised commitment to environmental health and safety. We designed Sentinel Clear XE to give workers optimum comfort without sacrificing security.

  • Proven technology with 10+ year track record of reliability
  • Brushless motor design for long life and continued quiet operations
  • Robust design with secondary impact protection chamber for air handling unit

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