ISO 9001 Quality Overview

The product quality culture at ILC stems from the company’s long involvement with NASA in the design, development, and manufacture of life critical space suits to the highest quality standards. Many other ILC products; e.g., protective masks, pharmaceutical powder containment systems, chemical protective suits, etc. are designed for use in life threatening toxic chemical environments. To assure these products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and reliability standards, ILC has implemented and trained personnel in NHB-5300.4(1D-2), MIL-Q-9858A, and MIL-I-45208A quality and inspection systems.

Our well rounded quality assurance staff of engineers, inspectors, and technicians develops and utilizes effective quality measurement tools and process improvement methodologies to ensure attainment of the highest product quality.

Our Quality Assurance Directorate has responsibility for:

  • Reliability Engineering
  • Quality Engineering
  • Quality Test Lab
  • Audits and Records
  • Inspection
  • Analysis

Our products are manufactured in a plant whose Quality Management System is registered as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2008.