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Single-Use Fluid Storage & Transfer Bags for Biopharma

ILC Dover’s Liquid Single-Use BioProcessing Bags are single-use containers for fluid storage and transfer in cGMP manufacturing. They’re highly configurable with a variety of sizes, ports, and components to safely store and transfer buffers, media, and bulk product.


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How it Works

Liquid single-use bioprocessing bags features a unique TruFLO port design that facilitates optimized edge-seal integrity and improved flow rates. The low-profile design ensures minimal product holdup to maximize flow and product recovery rates. We designed these bags with availability in mind. All components—film, tubing, and end treatments—can be readily sourced to accelerate lead times.

Why Liquid Single-Use Bioprocessing Bags from ILC Dover?

Highly Configurable

Customize size, ports, and components of the liquid bag to your unique application

Comprehensive Compliance

Adherence to USP standards and Certificate of Conformance documentation assist in validation

Innovative Design

Port and impulse heat-sealing technology minimizes film stretch and heat degradation of plastic


Liquid single-use bioprocessing bags can be engineered to your unique application, with the ability to customize a variety of tubing and connectors, chamber and port sizes, and port configurations. Our innovative liquid bag design offers improved flow rates and minimizes film stretch and thinning during edge port sealing in an effort to eliminate potential failure points due to heat seal degradation.

Certified Quality for GMP

Liquid single-use bioprocessing bags have extensive quality data in accordance with BPSA guidance for use in cGMP compliant manufacturing, including sterility validation, performance and integrity testing, USP<85> endotoxins, USP<87> and USP<88> biological reactivity tests, USP<788> particulate testing, and film extractables and leachable data.