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Packaging Industries We Serve

Industries like personal care, industrial, food, and chemical are always changing, and bulk packaging solutions need to keep up. Discover how we meet your industry’s liquid and dry bulk packaging needs.


Our bulk liquid liners and Xtrakt® liquid bulk dispensing system for lotions, creams, and gels, help cosmetic ingredient producers, contract packagers, and personal care manufacturers significantly reduce waste, drive efficiency, and boost profits.
For work-in-process solutions or bulk shipping for crucial components, we understand the challenges industrial manufacturers face, and help optimize processing and increase profitability.
Food ingredient producers, processors, and contract packagers trust us to deliver food products safely with solutions from liquid liners for sauces and syrups to bulk solutions for dry ingredients.
From our IMS-dairy certified production facility, we provide dairy producers with the most efficient and effective bulk packaging solutions, including bulk liquid liners and bulk dry liners.
From foil liners for resins, bulk liquid liners for adhesives and chemicals, and intermediate bulk containers, we meet the precise demands of specialty chemical manufacturers.
Keep your products protected and your profit flowing with bulk liquid liners and bulk storage solutions. For beverage processors, we are a trusted resource for bulk packaging solutions.