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Bulk Packaging Solutions for Liquid and Dry Products

Discover our bulk packaging solutions for liquid and dry products, including our award-winning Xtrakt® System for liquid bulk dispensing, and find relief from typical storage, handling, and cleaning challenges.
Discover our custom-made liquid bulk dispensing and packaging solutions, designed to ensure complete fill and discharge and increase your process efficiency. Our liquid packaging solutions include Xtrakt® LV, Xtrakt®, liquid pillow liners, liquid form fit liners, paper IBCs, and rigid IBCs.
Find out how our liners and bulk storage solutions for dry products match the size and specifications of your equipment, reduce handling, and increase fill and discharge speed. Our dry packaging solutions include drum liners, lay flat drum liners, baffle liners, foil liners, dry form fit liners, paper IBCs, and rigid IBCs.
Browse our bulk storage products that work in conjunction with our liquid bulk packaging and bulk dry liners and packaging solutions. We offer bulk storage accessories, including fill bridges, valves, connectors and adapters, and paper IBC covers, as well as paper IBCs and rigid IBCs.
Revolutionize the dispensing of liquids in your facility with our award-winning Xtrakt® System for liquid bulk dispensing. Xtrakt® and Xtrakt® LV are designed for more efficient dispensing of bulk liquids with less product residual. Xtract® is perfect for gels and creams, syrups and oils, and coatings and adhesives, while Xtrakt® LV works with soaps and shampoos, sauces and flavors, and inks and additives.