ILC Dover provides a full portfolio of liners and bulk storage for dry products. Our custom-made dry form-fit liners ensure complete fill and discharge, increasing your process efficiency. We offer a variety of fitments to guarantee our liners perfectly match your equipment, reducing handling and increasing fill and discharge speed.


ILC Dover makes a variety of drum liners that offer an economical solution to the challenges and expense of cleaning and/or disposing of used drums. These heavy gauge polyethylene liners are tough and abrasion resistant to extend the life of your drums and reduce or eliminate cleaning costs. Drum liners help protect your product from… View Article
ILC Dover makes a variety of drum liners to meet your specific application. Guardian lay-flat “bag-on-a-roll” drum liners are an economical alternative to drum cleaning.
A Baffle liner makes IBCs, like bulk bags or Gaylord boxes, more square and stable. The liner is form fitted to the outer container and utilizes internal baffles to prevent the outward push of the dry flowable materials being packaged that could otherwise result in a rounded package that wastes space on the pallet, in… View Article
Guardian Form Fit Foil liners for hygroscopic dry bulk materials in FIBCs, IBCs and corrugated boxes improve package performance and protect from moisture, contamination and leakage during processing, storage and transportation.  
Guardian liners are custom manufactured to your FIBCs dimensions. This form-fit eliminates wasted space, stress points in the liner and allows the FIBC to fill evenly. Because the FIBC fills more completely, the package is more stable and stacks better. Guardian liners can be made with fill/discharge spouts designed to fit the exact dimensions of… View Article
The Paper IBC container is a dependable, economical and environmentally responsible alternative to drums, bottle-in-cage and other “heavy footprint” types of intermediate bulk containers.
Buckhorn™ Reusable Intermediate Bulk Containers work in conjunction with our liquid form fit liners to provide efficiency in filling and dispensing bulk liquids. These Intermediate Bulk Containers are designed to withstand the toughest demands including filling under pressure, long-term outdoor storage, rail transport and hot fill applications.