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ILC Dover Has Acquired UK-Based Company Solo Containment
ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020



ILC Dover’s Drum Sampling Enclosure system, a proven containment system, supports accessing drummed materials – with the drum fully contained.  Some processes advocate the safety of removing the drum lid before placing the drum inside the containment device.  Experience proves the risk exists, even with a dual inner liner, that cross contamination and operator exposure… View Article
Our JetBreaker allows for the addition of difficult to mix powders that have large clumps to keep your process moving and allow you to dissolve powder more rapidly.  Delumping system reduces agglomerated product from drums and bags  Effective reduction of solidified media and buffer powders into flowable granules  Directly connects with a reactor or take to… View Article
The Filter Pack Off station allows precise dosing of any powder under high containment when filling drums, or single-use bags.  It is compact system capable of extremely precise dosing of powder (controlled to +/- 1.0% of target weight).  The pack off station is designed to be used to package powder discharged from large scale filter… View Article