Process Charging and Discharging


The ILC Dover Continuous Liner is an easy-to-use system that has been proven effective in containing active pharmaceutical ingredients and other hazardous compounds.  Its use assures a safe and effective transfer of powders, tablets, vials, tools, and trash.  The Continuous Liner System is also used for offloading powders from vessels to drums. 
The ILC Dover Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) system is a family of contained transfer designs for multiple processes.  The primary components for this validated operation consist of multiple groove canisters, docking interface hardware, and softgoods in either continuous liner form or discreet liners.  This system can be applied to any rigid or flexible isolator.  The use of multiple size canisters allows a… View Article
Our Sentinel Clear™ PAPR delivers an ultra-wide field of view with a 1,000 APF for pharmaceutical and life science workers.
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Lifts for holding single-use powder bags such as EZ BioPac.  No longer worry about how you are going to charge your reactors.  No more worries about worker injuries.  Manual or automatic lifting  Made to fit your process 
Eclipsing the traditional FIBC, the G2Pac™ containment system is engineered to address the issues that arise from uncontrolled processes, including compromised facility cleanliness, cross contamination risks and employee exposure to unnecessary hazards. G2Pac™ products by ILC Dover delivers cGMP operation with containment levels down to 100 ug/m3 on an 8-hour TWA. 
DoverPac® Containment Systems are the global premier products for disposable process and powder containment systems.  Launched from a partnership with multi-national pharmaceutical companies to develop high containment for API production and oral sold dosage processing, DoverPac® product is the global standard for containment, reliability, and service.  The DoverPac® system was designed in collaboration with Eli Lilly to provide high levels of reliable containment during both charging and… View Article
ILC Dover static dissipative single-use cone liners provide you with the confidence to safely transfer and store a wide range of API’s and other powders.  As the pioneer of flexible containment systems for the pharmaceutical industry, ILC Dover offers cone liners constructed from our durable ArmorFlex film-the same material used in the DoverPac® API containment system.  A proven method for cGMP processing is available now using… View Article
Proven to reduce fill time and cross contamination
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