Atmospheric Control Module

ILC Dover’s Atmospheric Control Module (ACM)
Atmospheric Control Module

ILC Dover’s Atmospheric Control Module (ACM) provides risk mitigation and automatic processing control for HPAPIs within laboratories and GMP manufacturing operations.

The ACM is designed for use with ILC Dover’s Containment Isolators. Its precise fan speed and pressure gas regulation facilitate negative pressure operation within flexible-wall isolators. The module works with air or nitrogen and features a portable and compact design, fully automated vacuum control and breach response, and superior ergonomics for operators.


ILC Dover’s Atmospheric Control Module (ACM) connected to machinery in a laboratory setting

Watch to Learn How the ACM Works

Learn how the ACM mitigates risk and provides processing control for HPAPIs.

Why ACM from ILC Dover?

Portable and Compact

Can be connected to existing and new containment isolators. Frames can be retrofitted to accommodate the required push-push HEPA filtration. The film enclosure is modified for gas supply, exhaust, and differential pressure sensor connections.

Fully Automated Control

Allows for easy and confident contained handling of expensive and dangerous powders. Detects any pressure change, immediately adjusting the internal isolator pressure back to the setpoint to ensure continual risk mitigation.

Vacuum Control and Breach Response

Units can attain and maintain a set point of -15 Pa using controlled pressure gas feed and extract fan speed, so enclosures remain ergonomic and easy to work with.

Works with Air or Nitrogen

Can be used with N2 for materials that are oxygen sensitive or explosive. It can use fresh or recirculated N2 and can reduce humidity with an appropriate gas supply.


Atmospheric Control Module

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