Baffle Liners


A baffle liner makes FIBCs squarer and more stable.

The liner is form fitted to the outer container and utilizes internal baffles to prevent the outward push of the dry flowable materials being packaged that could otherwise result in a rounded package that wastes space on the pallet, in a truck, or in an ISO container. A baffle liner is often used instead of baffled bulk bag when cleanliness is a top priority as well as stability and space economy.

Food & Beverage

Dry ingredients, spices, flour, grains, nuts, and powders


Whey powder

Personal Care

Cosmetic powders


Resins, additives, pigments


Minerals, fine powders

Why Baffle Liners?

Grayling™ baffle liners from ILC Dover provide high-package performance and can reduce storage and shipping costs. In some cases, the baffle liners can help reduce the cost of the outer package as well. The baffles help the container retain its cubed shape while the outer container provides protection from puncture or abrasion. Formed spouts are provided for easy filling and discharge.

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