Dosing-Weighing Equipment

Biomanufacturing professional performs accurate dosing with ILC Dover's dosing-weighing equipment
Dosing-Weighing Equipment

Designed for the high precision of powder filling in pharmaceutical operations.

Multi-purpose unit for fluidizing, dosing, and weighing of difficult flowing powders.

The combination of the extraction unit (Liquefyer) and the metering unit (Dosimat) allows for performing fast and accurate dosing. The special blade and protective membrane (optional) ensure the continuous feeding of the dosing unit, even if the powder has poor flow properties. The dosing valve decreases its opening as the amount of the powder is approaching the setpoint.

This technology can weigh and dose grams, kilograms, or tons through the DOSIMAT valve. Dosimat valves are used when filling drums, bags, boxes, and big bags. It’s particularly valuable when CIP is required.

Watch to View ILC Dover's Dispensing Process

See the dispensing process for bulk powder utilizing ILC Dover's pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions.


  • Large & Small Powder Applications
  • Media & Buffer Preparation
  • Powder Dispensing

ArmorFlex® Films are used with Flexible Enclosures, Flexible Isolators, DoverPac®, DoverPac® SF, EZ BioPac®, Continuous Liners, & Drum Liners

ILC Dover's dosing-weighing equipment

The ArmorFlex® Family of Films

The ArmorFlex® Family of Films includes ArmorFlex® 110 and ArmorFlex® 114, which deliver permanent static dissipative properties and meet FDA and EU regulations for food contact and EP test conditions. ArmorFlex® 113 offers superior visual clarity, making this the clear film of choice for flexible enclosures and flexible isolators.

Why Dosing-Weighing Equipment from ILC Dover?

  • Dosing Valve
  • Fully CIP system
  • Allows a precise dosing of any powder or granulate when filling drums, bags, boxes, and big bags
  • Particularly accurate for non-free-flowing powders that are difficult to dose
  • Compatible with most equipment by adapting the connecting flanges
  • Multi-Dosing
  • A combination of a liquefier extractor and pneumatic dosing valve
  • Precise and absolute dust-free powder filling of drums, bags, boxes, and big bags
  • Particularly accurate for extraction of non-free-flowing powders

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