Flex-Cover® Door


Flex-Cover® Door is a high-strength flood barrier designed specifically for single or double doors.

Their compact size allows them to be stored near the point of use, allowing for rapid deployment. They are FM approved – providing impact-resistant and dry flood protection with minimal leakage by combining a structural frame, water barrier, and impact-resistant layers with advanced compression gaskets. They can also be joined (with center posts) to cover larger openings. With the addition of a corner post, they can be configured to allow doorway egress when required by circumstances or building codes.

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How it Works

ILC Dover’s FM approved Flex-Cover® Door functions as a dry flood barrier installed at door and other building openings. Permanently installed wall anchors facilitate rapid deployment prior to a pending weather event. Professional surface preparation and permanent wall anchor installation recommended.

ILC Dover Flex-Cover® Door features:

  • Structural light weight frame
  • Load bearing webbings
  • Waterproof fabric barrier layer
  • Long-life compression gaskets
  • Automatic bottom gasket protection for storage
  • Wall anchor kits
  • Available in 2 ft., 4 ft., or 6 ft. DFE

Deployment Steps

  1. Retrieve Flex-Cover® Door and anchor bolts from storage
  2. Set cover in place and disengage gasket protection device
  3. Install clamping feature anchor bolts and compress bottom gasket
  4. Tighten remaining anchor bolts to compress wall gasket


Flex-Cover® Door

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