Flex-Cover® Grate


Flex-Cover® Grate is a durable coated fabric cover that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection on horizontal openings with grated covers.

These covers are designed to withstand any water depths the underlying infrastructure can handle and shaped to fit any opening or grate configuration. Its lightweight and flexible design enables the Flex-Cover Grate to be stored compactly nearby and to be quickly deployed before a storm.

How It Works

Flex-Cover® Grate can be adapted for use on horizontal ventilation shaft covers or louvers. It can be any size and shape to fit any opening.

ILC Dover Flex-Cover® Grate features:

  • Compact stowage for low profile; store remote, in nearby building or optional point-of-use storage containers
  • Simple operation due to lightweight, requiring little training to install or remove it quickly
  • Scalable design that is sized to specific needs and codes
  • Robust materials and construction deliver reliable protection from water, waves, wind, and debris


Flex-Cover® Grate

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