Flex-Gate® Side Deploy

Flex-Gate® Side Deploy

Flex-Gate® Side Deploy is a high strength flexible wall that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of buildings or equipment.

These covers are designed to withstand any water depths the underlying infrastructure can handle and shaped to fit any opening or grate configuration. It has a low profile, enabling it to be used in foot-traffic areas, such as on sidewalk subway grates or transformer vaults, and it is flexible enough to accommodate uneven grates.

Watch a Flex-Gate® Deployment

See how quickly this barrier can be retracted with minimal labor.

How It Works

Flex-Gate® Side Deploy can be customized to a wide variety of openings and widths, as well as accounting for significant Design Flood Elevations and surge. They can be built to fit virtually any width opening and any anticipated flood depth.

ILC Dover Flex-Gate® Side Deploy features:

  • All components are stored at the point-of-use
  • Small volume container – minimal impact on rights-of-way, no large support barriers/structures
  • Design is scalable to water levels from Riverine to Hurricane flooding with wave impact
  • Allows access to infrastructure until the last minute vs. deploying days in advance
  • Rugged construction and damping characteristics withstand debris impact up to FM 2510 standards
  • Can adapt to uneven ground, have corners, and seal against existing facades

Deployment Steps

Flex-Gate® Side Deploy retracts on small walls in minutes by a single person with minimal training and can be easily deployed in high winds and extreme weather events. No cranes, forklifts, or large crews are required for deployment.

  1. Open tamperproof containers
  2. Deploy guide cable
  3. Extend the Flex-Gate across opening
  4. Clamp or anchor Flex-Gate to receiver
  5. Deploy skirt – weighted or clamped versions


Flex-Gate® Side Deploy

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