Flex-Gate® Vertical Deploy

Flex-Gate® Vertical Deploy

Flex-Gate® Vertical Deploy is a high strength flexible wall that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of buildings or equipment.

It is constructed from high strength, water resistant textile-based materials and metal posts that reside in a small container and are manually deployed. Flex-Gate® Vertical Deploy can be long to surround buildings or short to close-off doorways. All parts and equipment are stored at the point-of-use for maximum efficiency in an extreme weather event.

How It Works

Flex-Gate® Vertical Deploy is deployed by removing the trench container cover, installing the support posts into their receivers, and then lifting and attaching the fabric wall onto other posts.

ILC Dover Flex-Gate® Vertical Deploy features:

  • All components are stored at point-of-use
  • Design to your DFE and impact requirements
  • Rugged construction and damping characteristics withstand debris impact
  • Can adapt to uneven ground, around corners, and seal against existing facades
  • Constructed with high-strength, water resistant materials
  • Can be long to surround buildings or short for doorways

Deployment Steps

Flex-Gate® Vertical Deploy retracts on small walls in minutes by a single person with minimal training and can be easily deployed in high winds and extreme weather events. No cranes, forklifts, or large crews are required for deployment.

  1. Open tamperproof covers
  2. Deploy posts
  3. Raise the flexible wall and hook on posts


Flex-Gate® Vertical Deploy Brochure

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