Foil Liners


Grayling™ Form Fit Foil liners for hygroscopic dry bulk materials in FIBCs, IBCs and corrugated boxes improve package performance and protect products from moisture, contamination and leakage during processing, storage and transportation.

Constructed from aluminum foil laminations, foil liners offer an impermeable barrier providing the highest level of ideal protection from oxygen, moisture and UV.

Food & Beverage

Dry ingredients, drink mixes, spices, and powders


Whey powder, milk powder

Personal Care

Active ingredients


Powders, resins, additives, pigments


Infant formula, chemical powders, supplements, CBD

Why Foil Liners?

Grayling™ foil liners from ILC Dover offer superior oxygen and moisture protection for your products. They also provide outstanding UV barrier to protect the color and efficacy of light sensitive products. For odorous products such as hemp and CBD or spices like garlic, a foil liner can create an odor barrier to protect other products within your plant from contamination.


Foil form fit liners are available in footprint sizes from 38” square up to 47” square and in rectangular footprints of 38” X 33” to 47” X 45”. We can also produce foil liners for octobins.
The height of the liner can generally be up to 94” tall.
Fill and dispense spouts are available in diameters from 8” up to 24” and in lengths up to 33”.

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